When AMR was founded, “alternative” suggested naturopathic, preventive, and integrative medicine. These labels and the associated disciplines, had a connotation that reflected their youth in the mainstream medical community.

​Times have changed. Intensive studies are proving the value of natural nutrients and their health applications, as well as the essential nature of the preventive and integrative approach that considers the role of diet, nutrition, and natural solutions with minimal side effects.


Delivery science recently took a giant leap forward, now showing for the first time that the full medical value of these nutrients can be unlocked. Meanwhile, the current generation of “mainstream” medicine continues to prove insufficient in tackling today’s damaging environmental conditions. If the current generation of mainstream medicine were up to the task of preserving the foundation of human health, society would not be plagued by rampant increases in neurological, gastrointestinal, cardiac and many other disease states.


The result? “Alternative” medicine simply can no longer be considered alternative. Research, education, and the proven efficacy of natural nutrient absorption at the molecular level are breaking down barriers surrounding the accepted Western medical paradigm for gastrointestinal and neurological treatments.


Al CzapFounded by Al Czap in 1996, Alternative Medicine Review was a highly-acclaimed, peer-reviewed, and indexed medical journal that spent 17 years as the most authoritative and educational reference in the alternative care industry. Czap has an extensive 30-year professional career in preventive medicine that includes the founding of Thorne Research in 1984 (he has since sold the company).

Czap is an industry leader. He was the first to recognize the need for hypoallergenic ingredients and to devise methods of manufacture for and delivery of hypoallergenic products to underserved patient populations. His work greatly impacted those with impaired immune and digestive systems and compromised health due to environmental exposures.