Alternative Medicine Review Volume 17, Number 2 will be published as digital only.  This is last scheduled issue of AMR.  We will consider one more digital issue to ensure publication of pending reviewed articles. AMR will be refunding subscriptions and leaving the website up for full access to our archives. 
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Current Issue

March 2012

Volume 17, Issue 1

In this issue we have a great review article discussing the effects of yoga on anxiety and stress, plus four original studies and a monograph of Bacillus coagulans. This issue also has another pithy editorial and guest editorial, both on the hot topic of “dry Labbing” as featured on NBC Date Line.

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Last Issue

December 2011

Volume 16, Issue 4

In this issue we have two articles on ADHD, a clinical trial testing Eucommia ulmoides to treat hypertension, two articles from our environmental medicine department, and an Astaxanthin monograph

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Online Only

The Concern about B-Vitamins Affecting the Oxidant Effect of Intravenous Ascorbate for Malignancy
by Maiko Ochi, ND, James Hetherington, ND, and Davis W. Lamson, MS, ND

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